Rent price
For your comfort we have created a separate category in the main menu called "Rent", where you will be able to use a simple calculator as well as to acquaint yourselves with rental conditions.
What equipment is installed in the food truck
Each food truck, disregarding its size is equipped with the following: fridges and freezers, countertops, a sink with a pump, 2 water tanks
and air extraction system. During the winter period, between October and March we also provide heaters.
What is the delivery cost?
Each trailer or food truck you can either tow yourself, provided that you have a permission indicated in the driver license. Alternatively, we can arrange you the delivery. Average transportation cost in Moscow is 8000 RUB. For cities outside Moscow, please enquire.
Do we offer any cooking equipment?
We offer for rent electric fryers and electric griddle.
Is it possible to adapt trailers to my needs?
Apart from having standard versions of trailers and food trucks, whether those being size, design or equipment, we provide individual designs.
Just send us a letter with your wishes or needs and we will offer you a sound decision.
How much does a Food Truck cost?
Prices for food trucks start at 1 379 000 RUB. For further details please press here
How much does the Camper cost and can I order it in a different size?
Camper price is 2 990 000 RUB. Standard version Bodyshell is 7 meters long. Length of trailers range from 5 to 9 meters.
Can I change size of the Mobile Office?
Our standard version is 10 meters long, which in the absence of lounge area can offer comfortable working places for 8 persons.
Width of all offices is standard i.e. 2,45 meters. Upon your request, we can offer different interior designs as well as Bodyshell sizes.
Is it possible to adapt trailers to my business needs?
Variations of businesses that can operate on the basis of a trailer is only limited by one's imagination. Essentially, it can be anything you want, whether it is a shop, commercial lounge area, mobile barbershop or even a stage, just let us know what your business is and we will adapt our trailers to it.