About Us
Our engineers created a global icon of style designed to meet the growing demand for trailers and caravans among admirers of retro style in Russia and around the world.

SilverVan trailers are designed and manufactured in accordance with rigorous standards at a specialized factory in Moscow.
  • SilverVan has personified all the best qualities of the American trailers of the fifties and sixties of the last century, and encased them in a stylish but durable body, specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of users and owners in the post pandemic world.

  • These trailers that stand out and catch the eye are created on a custom basis which makes it possible to use them as the platform for creating a food truck, caravan for touring or traveling, design studio, barber shop, dressing room, sales outlet, flower shop, or anything you could wish for. Just tell us about your dream, and we will make it come true.

  • Here, at SilverVan, any admirer of retro style gets direct access to these unique food trucks, trailers and campers to be able to fulfil the dream, no matter how unrealistic it may appear at the outset! On our part we can certainly guarantee that your style will make you stand out.